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John Tatham Assembly #648, Fourth Degree

Knights of Columbus, Burlington County, NJ

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The Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus was built on the principle of Patriotism - love for and devotion to one's country. The first Fourth Degree Exemplification or degree ceremony was held on George Washington's birthday, February 22, 1900 at the Lenox Lyceum in New York City. The ritual added Patriotism to the three original principles of the Order - Charity, Unity and Fraternity. Over 1100 candidates were initiated that day. Today, there are over 300,000 Fourth Degree Knights out of the total 1.7 million member Knights of Columbus - quite an exclusive and distinguished group of patriotic Catholic gentlemen.





  nation, under God, ....



 DID YOU KNOW .......

      The Knights of Columbus played a vital role in our present Pledge

      Of Allegiance with the addition of the all important words of

      "under  God".

      Click on this link to read about it:   Pledge of Allegiance